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  • Industries

    Advertising and Promotions

    Our graphics film help brands build awareness and drive sales with vivid POP and display ads.


    We create solutions that help elevate and accelerate apparel brand performance through every step of the supply chain.

    Architecture and Buildings

    Our architectural finishes and building graphics enhance the aesthetics, ambiance and experience of built spaces.


    Our solutions for automotive applications help optimize production efficiencies and meet strict manufacturer requirements.

    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Our innovative packaging and labeling solutions help CPG brands make a strong statement on the shelf.

    Durable Goods and Equipment

    We make labeling materials for durable goods that minimize waste and meet stringent service requirements.

    Electronic and Electrical

    Our extra light and thin adhesive materials meet increasingly demanding industry requirements for electronic devices.


    Our Freshmarx? intelligent food industry solutions increase efficiency, ensure food safety, save money, reduce waste and enhance the consumer experience throughout the food supply chain.


    Our high-reflectivity materials aid public safety by remaining visible in low-light conditions and withstanding weather and wear. ??

    Medical and Healthcare

    Our functional adhesives and medical solutions improve patient outcomes and facility operating efficiencies.?


    Our Monarch? intelligent retail solutions improve efficiency, increase margins, reduce waste and enhance the consumer experience throughout the global supply chain.? ?


    Our RFID inlay technologies enhance the speed and accuracy of data collection and asset tracking processes.? ?

    Supply Chain and Logistics

    Our inventory, compliance and price management solutions enhance and accelerate supply chain performance.


    We make films for commercial vehicles that enhance aesthetics, express brand image and deliver information.
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